Electro Surgery Bipolar

In the electrosurgery, the electric current enters the diseased body after leaving the device and passes through the receding electrodes. In fact, the patient's body is part of the electrical circuit. The frequency used in this device is more than 350 kHz and does not create a muscle stimulus while passing through the body and only shows the thermal effect.

Bipolar electrosurgery  (*)

In bipolar electrosurgery, the current enters the body of an active electrode, and it emits another electrode, which is close to the first electrode. In fact, electricity passes through a very short pathway. Clearly, when using bipolar, it is not necessary to use a recoil electrode because both electrodes are in close proximity to the surgeon.

This device is suitable for patients whose flow of electrical energy may be hazardous to them, such as those who have a pacemaker.

 But it should be noted that the effects of heat and homeostasis in bipolar disorder are far less than single polar flow and are used in brain surgeries and delicate surgery.

  • first aid
  • Dentistry
  • Limited surgery
  • Skin
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