Alex Diode Lumines

Alex Diode lasers are the latest and most effective lasers in the permanent hair removal process for all types of hair and skin with different colors. This TEC-equipped is a very strong cooling system for contact with the skin, which can withstand high laser power without causing burns or burns on the surface of the skin. The Alex Diode laser with a high penetration depth and energy of 20J / cm2 per single pulse and a higher absorption in melanin chlorophyll penetrates the epidermis layer and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles. During the process, laser energy converts to thermal energy that eliminates hair damage without affecting the tissues around the hair follicles and makes hair removal more effective.

Features of Alex Diod's Laser 

  • Exclusive laser beam divergent optical technology immediately after removing the hair on the skin.
  • Use different safety and security features on the machine to protect patient and doctor .
  • Equipped with 2 Handpieces Separated to Diod and Alex wavelengths
  • It increases the speed of collagenization and has a high penetration depth in the skin
  • Suitable absorption by pigmentation
  • Infiltration and high absorption capacity in hair melanin
  • Reduces the risk of burns in the skin
  • Keeps the skin cool for a longer time

Applications of the Alex-Diode device

  • It receives a 300-millimeter power supply and provides stable output at high frequencies, resulting in high stability, long life and excellent treatment result.
  • The probes are cooled by the semiconductor module and can keep the treatment area completely cool.
  • Simple laser application using intelligent optical fibers
  • Adjustable point between 3 and 10 mm
  • Protects from damage to the epidermis
  • skin and hair
  • Hair removal
  • Beauty
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