Ultra Sound Lifting

The trend towards rejuvenation and the non-surgical lift, Ultra Sannent Center, is the so-called HIFU Center with the highest concentration and penetrates the deep layers of Derm and SMAS compared to previous technologies.

In the HIFU technology, ultrasound waves penetrate more than 5 watts per centimeter without damage to the tissue and energize the cells in the target, resulting in tissue expansion. The energy from the HIFU increases the temperature up to 65-70 ° C by increasing the molecular movement, and actually stimulates fiber and blast, resulting in collagen and elastinization.

The HIFU is made by creating a Thermal Zone in the SMAS layer, which makes it possible to see immediate and permanent effects in HIFU.

regardless of immediate effect, after the HIFU treatment session, which is very appealing to the patient, the actual effect starts from a week later and lasts up to 3 months, depending on the patient's skin care.

The lasting of this action has been reported for up to two years. But since the phenomenon of aging is constantly taking place, it is recommended that HIFU be done once a year.

Hifutherapy results and consequences:

1- Lifting the forehead and removing eyelids (lifting eyebrows)

2. Removing wrinkles around the eyes

3-Lifting the cheeks

4-Lowering the depth of lines of laughter and crying (Laying corners)

5. Elimination of double chin

6. Fix facial and neck wrinkles

7. Dissemination under the chin (lowering the face)

8-Rigid and firm skin (stimulation of collagen and elastinization)

  • Non-surgical lift without bleeding and surgical complications
  • فقط در یک جلسه با نتایج ماندگار
  • No pain and no need for numbness
  • Safe and secure
  • Without any skin disorder
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