Diode Alma Portable

Effective treatment of pigmental lesions, effective treatment of vascular lesions permanent hair loss Removing , skin rejuvenation and hair losing Lasers Diode Alma are the latest and most effective lasers in the permanent hair removal process for all types of hair and skin with different colors. This TEC-equipped is a very strong cooling system for contact with the skin, which can, despite this ability, apply high laser power without causing pain and burn on the surface of the skin. The 808nm diode laser with a high penetration depth and energy of 20J / cm2 for each single pulse and a higher absorption in melanin chloroform penetrates the epidermis layer and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles. During the process of laser treatment, the energy of the laser turns into heat energy, which without damaging the tissue around the hair follicles and causes more effective hair removal.

 Product Features:

   • Ability to penetrate and absorb high in hair melanin
Reduce the risk of burns on the skin
• Keeps skin cool for a long time
• High penetration depth in the skin and increased collagen production
• Applying high repeat rate pulse mode to reduce pain
• Applying various safety aspects to protect the patient and the physician
• Proper absorption by pigments
• A unique laser beam divergent optical system immediately after removing from the skin

 Product Applications:

   • Effective treatment of pigmental lesions
• Effective treatment of vascular lesions
• Permanent hair loss
• Skin rejuvenation and shampooing

  • Skin rejuvenation and hair removal
  • Effective treatment of pigmented lesions
  • Effective treatment of vascular lesions
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