The IPL SHR device of the Medilite 3 model is an intense pulsed optical technology that produces light with multiple wavelengths generally in an unconfined state between 400 nm and 1200 nm, which has the ability to have various effects on different skin contexts and can be selected Proper filters have the desired effect for specific purposes. Using the device with a very simple method to remove excess hair and rejuvenate the skin and brightening the face and also eliminate the surface effects of facial blemishes.

It has a 10-shot firing capability per second, reducing the process of hair removal. The main source of the device's light source is a high-power xenon lamp, where the heat of the lamp penetrates gradually into the epidermis layer and prevents the growth of the hair follicles.

Product Features:

High penetration ability in hair melanin

Deploying strong cooling technology to reduce pain and burn complications

Remove excess hair from larger areas on the skin

Applying Repeat Size (10 Shots per Second)

Suitable absorption by pigmentation

Ability to use for a variety of skin and reduce treatment time

Applying various safety aspects on the device for more protection

Applications :

Removal of hair and skin rejuvenation

Effective recovery of pigment residues

Reduce wrinkles

Effective treatment of acne, stool and vascular lesions

  • Removing wrinkles
  • Beauty of skin and hair
  • Removing stains and acne
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