Microderm Abrasion

Today, one of the methods used to refresh, rejuvenate and rejuvenate the skin, is Microdermabrasion, which makes it more susceptible to the satisfaction of it every day. This method is a completely simple, easy, painless and non-invasive technique of rejuvenation and beauty that is provided by a scrubbing machine that , Mild exfoliation The outer layer of the skin that contains dead skin cells (epidermis layer) is used. The microdermabrasion process is more likely to occur at the surface of the horny layer of the skin or the << corneum stratum >>. Patients are advised to treat lotions or special creams in the treatment room during treatment sessions, which cause skin moisturizing, Health and wellness is the appearance of the skin.

The standard microdermabrasion sessions can last from 5 to 5 minutes, and patients do not need to rest and leave for recovery, and most patients can return to their daily work immediately after the session. Also, cosmetic creams can be used several hours after microdermabrasion. Each session of the Microdermabrasion can be performed at intervals of 15-10 days. Of course, this method can be coupled with chemical superficial coatings to produce better results. If used properly, Microdermabrasion can be used to treat other parts of the body.

Advantages of Microderm abrasion

- Increase the thickness of the epidermis

- Regular arrangement of lower epidermal cells

- The function of the epidermis skin duct is disrupted in the first 24 hours after treatment, so the skin is more dry than usual.

- After 7 days, the skin is soft and moist than before.

Mechanism of Microdermabrasion action

بعد از قرار گیری بیمار در یک وضعیت راحت، محل درمان را تمیز می کنیم، پزشک یا تکنسین دسته ابزار را روی محل مورد نظر حرکت می دهد و در این حین، فشار ملایم و مداوم جهت برداشتن لایه شاخی پوست اعمال می کند، به طوری که آسیبی به لایه های زیرین پوست وارد نشود. یک جلسه استاندارد میکرودرم ابریشن شامل یک تا سه پاس یا عبور دستگاه از یک ناحیه پوست می باشد. بطور کلی حرکت آهسته هندپیس میکرودرم ابریشن روی پوست و تعداد دوره های بیشترحرکت روی پوست، می تواند موجب اثرات سایشی عمیق تر در پوست گردد.

Increasing pressure on the treatment area can cause deeper penetration and reach the stage of bleeding that is useful in treating acne scars. The depth of penetration of microdermabrasion depends on the strength of the crystals and the speed of movement of the technician's hands and the number of passes or passages of the device on the skin. Because the skin of the human being, essentially within 30 days, is renovated, the recovery of the skin with the microdermabrasion is temporary and therefore every 2 to 4 weeks, it is necessary to repeat treatment to recover. Multiple treatment sessions, along with the use of sunscreens and other care creams and the avoidance of sunshine, result in excellent results.

Application of microdermabrasion

1- Removing the boiling point:

Dentures due to burns and acne, can be removed by microdermabrasion. During the sessions, the skin is smooth and stretched.

2- Skin rejuvenation:

This method can be used to treat superficial and shallow wrinkles of the skin. Several treatment sessions are used in this case. The treatment intervals can be varied according to the patient's condition. Very deep wrinkles are not treated with this method, but the overall consistency of the skin will improve after several treatment sessions, and the skin will become more transparent and tight.

3. Aging or liver lesions:

Aging skin is associated with sunlight or is seen in bright aged skin. These patches can be treated with microdermabrasion.

4. Pregnancy stomachs:

The most important effect of microdermabrasion is abrasion, numbness, or fading of pregnancy or melasma, especially if it is used at the same time as stomach pains (under the supervision of a doctor).

5. acne scars (scarring) of chickenpox:

Scars should not be too deep and usually require several sessions of weekly treatment, depending on the type of scar and its location and depth.

6. Shrink skin pores:

Open pores are one of the major problems in women. One of the ways to cure this problem is to use Microdermabrasion. After several treatment sessions, the pores of the skin become smaller as well, due to tissue texture and tightening of the skin.

7. Clean up the tattoo or tattoo:

Tattoos and skin tattoos can be treated with this method.

8. Cleaning the skin and removing blackheads:

Microdermabrasion can also be used to eliminate blackheads that are very common. Reducing blackheads will also help reduce the scum of pride.

9. Treating skin cracks:

It can also be used to treat cutaneous cracks during pregnancy or obesity and puberty, which, of course, does not respond well to treatment.

10. Wrinkle of the neck:

برای درمان چروک های ناحیه گردن و ضایعات این ناحیه نیز می توان از میکرودرم استفاده کرد. بعد از انجام میکرودرم ابریژن، تا حدامکان زیر نور آفتاب قرار نگیرید و در صورت نیاز از کرم ضدآفتاب به میزان کافی استفاده کنید.

  • Treating skin cracks
  • Cleaning the skin and removing blackheads
  • Eliminate Tattoo or Tattoo
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