HIFU Liposonix

امواج متمرکز ماورای صوت با شدت بالا (هایفو) یک روش غیر تهاجمی بی خطر و موثر را جهت خوش فرم کردن بدن فراهم می کند. هدف دستگاه های هایفو کوچک کردن بافت های چربی بصورت هدف دار با تمرکز بر انرژی اولتراسوند است که موجب اختلال دائمی در سلول های چربی بدون آسیب به لایه های اپیدرم، درم یا بافت ها و اندام زیرین می گردد.

HIFU-Slimming is a non-invasive alternative for liposuction to eliminate unwanted fats. This method can be used in the regions of the abdomen, buttocks and even flanks. HIFU-Slimming is a safe treatment that reduces an inch to one from the fat of the abdomen, thighs, and flanks. Scientific research has shown a definitive reduction of at least two centimeters of adipose tissue after a laceration HIFU-Slimming.

 Application of liposonix machine

  • Use ultrasound waves for fast and long term response
  • Without causing burns and damage to the skin surface
  • Deep penetration depth for fatty tissues

Benefits of LIPOSONIX

  • Experimenting over ten years has confirmed the safety and efficacy of this treatment.
  • HIFUtherapy does'nt required a rest after, and HIFU does not have post-operative care.
  • Treatment has the ability to customize to remove resistent fats.
  • An impressive result comes after just one treatment session.
  • No damage to the skin, tissues or surrounding organs
  • The best alternative and cost-effective option for surgery
  • No recovery period
  • Loss of Abdominal Fat
  • fat Burner
  • Slimming
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