Platinum Plus

Platinum Plus Laser is the newest and most effective laser in the permanent hair removal process in 2019 for all types of hair and skin with different colors. It is equipped with TEC as well as a separate cooling system to increase the working time and increase the longevity of the device and increase the cooling of the handpiece for contact with the skin, which can, despite this ability, high-power laser without causing pain and burn on the surface of the skin. Applies

The Platinum Plus laser, in combination with three wavelengths of 755, 808, and 1064 nm with high penetration depth and energy of 120 jpm for each single pulse and a higher absorption in the melanin clonal, penetrates the epidermal layer and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles. During the process of treatment, laser energy is converted to heat energy, which eliminates hair follicles without causing damage to the surrounding tissues and results in more effective hair removal.

Advantages of Platinum Plus Laser

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  • Has higher power for greater penetration depth
  • Infiltration and high absorption capacity in hair melanin
  • Reduce the risk of burns on the skin
  • خنک نگه داشتن پوست برای مدت طولانی­تر
  • Depth of penetration in the skin and increase the speed of collagenization
  • بکارگیری جنبه­ های ایمنی گوناگون بر روی دستگاه برای حفاظت بیمار و پزشک
  • قابلیت جذب توسط رنگدانه­ ها
  • Laser beam divergent optic system immediately after removal from the skin
  • Skin rejuvenation and hair removal
  • Effective treatment of pigmented lesions
  • Effective treatment of vascular lesions
  • Permanent hair loss
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