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The Qswitch Qoswitch Laser Device is designed to remove and remove tattoos, tattoos and pigmentation on the face and body. Usually, a cytosolite laser device is used to remove the tattoo, which is how the laser operates to detonate the particles of the skin within the skin and turn them into particle-shaped particles. These particles are removed by carcass ectopic cells and are released at a low rate, so the main action of tattoo cleansing is done by the body's own immune cells, and in fact peeling and destroying the tinted colors.

Necessary Laser Care 

Follow the doctor's instructions. In general, the following are recommended:

1- Avoid taking medicines or substances that irritate the skin to radiation, such as hydroquinone and transdermal patches, topical tinoid, etc. for up to 48 hours.

2 -Creams and ointments used after laser:

A: Use betamethasone ointment for the eye for 3 days on the laser.

B: Use a repairer over a period of two weeks.

C: Use a sunscreen every two hours.

3-Do not expose your face until 24 hours after using the laser.

4- Typically, during the first and second sessions of the laser tattoo laser, the nodes of the laser region

It may be more intense due to the excessive surface of the pigment, which is no longer of concern and gradually becoming less vivid. When using this laser, the patient is referred to a doctor on a weekly basis and used for the treatment of the 1062 kiosk laser and the 585 laser, so that one session of both lasers is used and a post-1064 laser session is used. So-called session

laser toning + gold toning and the next laser tining session. Generally, results in the 5th or 4th session are most effective and melasma is significantly improved. In this case, very ideal results are generally seen at the fourth and fifth sessions, and in other cases, preservative sessions are required within a month or at intervals to maintain the therapeutic effect. Along with this method of drug therapy is also being developed. The use of 585 nm wavelength, which is most effective on blood vessels, appears to improve melasma and combine it with 1064 lasers that are more effective on melanin. Significant results.

Advantages of Qswitch Laser

  • Removing face fleas
  • Removal of Freckle Face
  • _
  • High precision and safety
  • A good solution for tattoo and tattoo removal
  • Stimulates the skin to produce collagen and improve its color
  • Remove any gray to brownish spots on the skin

Note: The appearance of brown and red luster after a natural treatment, after a period of scaling, and from They go on to treat this item on their own, but in rare cases, it causes ulcers and infections that they should refer to the doctor.... After treatment with this method, we should take care of the doctor's advice and also avoid sunlight, which is very necessary.

  • Remove and completely clean the tattoo and body tattoo
  • Removing tattoos and nursing moles of the body and face
  • Removing stains and bruises, brown spots
  • _
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