In this article, we are going to introduce you one of the skin rejuvenation devices called Pollagen. Pollagen is the most advanced and latest technology in the non-complicated skin peeling process, which has significant results in reducing skin wrinkles and improving its consistency. And also eliminates stings of sunlight or pregnancy.

3 Effective performance on 1 device:

 Exfoliating + Rejuvenating + Firming Skin

A very suitable replacement for microderm

♦♦ With the most suitable price ♦♦

We are constantly challenging ourselves to create the most advanced medical devices and solutions for market aesthetics. Taher Taj Pars is constantly looking for innovative and proven solutions as well as medical aesthetics for facial treatment and skin rejuvenation. Since a large number of people are looking for anti-aging non-invasive treatments that deliver immediate and sustained results. Pollogen is a portable and compact device that is used to improve skin with three peeling, rejuvenating and Firming Skin. It is used to nourish the skin, reduce wrinkles, skin regeneration, rejuvenation, Firming Skin and skin effection.

Benefits of a key pollogen treatment

Immediate and clear skin peeling

Oxygenating the skin for cellular improvement

Suitable for all skin types

Fast and effective treatment

Natural skin oxygen regularly brings long-term results

Application of oxygeneo

Oxygeneo simultaneously provides 3 effective facial treatments. This combination of gentle peeling, oxygenation of the skin

Natural and deep skin rejuvenation is considered essential nutrient intake. The progress of OxyGeneo Technology offers excellent anti-aging results with deeper skin care.

How does OxyGeneo work?

1- Peel the top layer of the skin and prepare it for nutrients.

2- With unique capsugen, the skin cleanses the skin to inject nutrients.

۳- OxyGeneo تعداد بی شماری از حباب های CO2 تولید می کند که به آسانی روی سطح پوست نفوذ می کند.

۴- اپلیکاتور OxyGeneo برای خنک کردن حباب های CO2 از ژل طراحی شده است و از طریق یک نیروی جنبشی که بهینه سازی واکنش را انجام می دهد را به داخل اپیدرم وارد می کند.

  • Peeling skin
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Suitable for all skin types
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